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Github: Why and how?

So you’ve heard about Github and are curious what it’s all about. Why should you use it? What is it good for? (hint: not absolutely nothing!)


If you’re a developer, you’ll come across the Github name over and over. You may be signing up for a new social media account and you’ll be asked for your Github username. Or you’ll start a new job and your team lead will ask you for your Github credentials so you can be added to the team’s page. But what if you don’t even have an account? Or better yet, not familiar with what it is used for?

So, here’s the short summary: Github is awesome because you can share your code with developers around the world. For free. Yep, you can create a repository (just another name for project/codebase) and add your code there for the world to see. If you don’t feel like showing your work off just yet, you can create a private repo (short for repository. All the cool kids use that instead.)

So when would you use this infamous Github account of yours? You can link people to your projects, share code snippets, get contributors for a project you’ve been working on and need some help with, and code versioning – it comes in so handy. In case you’re wondering what versioning is all about, Github (and any revision control system) will create different versions of your file with each change that you make to it. This prevents situations where you end up with files called “test_final.html” and “test_final2021.html” and “test_final_FINAL2.html”. As you can see, this is very useful when working on a project and you want to remember which changes you made last week compared to this week’s. This is also incredibly helpful when working in a large team with several developers.

One of my favorite things about Github is the Explore page. This section is incredibly helpful in learning about and exploring(!) other people’s projects so you can see how they work. You can be inspired to create your own work based off of theirs, add to their repo, or just see how other developers write and structure their code.

Okay, are you sold on Github yet? I hope so. Now to setup your very own Github account! Since there’s plenty of documentation already available on these next steps, I’ll just link to them here.

  1. Create a new account here.
  2. Create a new repo here.
  3. Connect to repo on your computer here.
  4. …And finally push up some sample code here!

Happy coding 🙂

March Madness: Tech Edition

March Madness is usually related to sports and yet, it can be about so much more. March means warmer weather which means people wanting to finally leave their homes which means – a LOT of awesome and fun tech events happening around NYC. I’ve already participated in 3 events and have RSVP’d for another 4. Yep, Madness. Will be posting recaps about the time when I gave a presentation (!), listened to some inspiring lady devs, and yea, the swag. Stay tuned!

Recs: Podcasts

Hey there,

I love listening to podcasts and would like to share my recommendations with you. My podcast list is always evolving so it may change at a future date!


  1. Dear Book Nerd // A bookish podcast covering all sorts of book related topics. Discovered this one not long ago and really enjoying it.

  2. Woolful // A show about yarn and their makers. It’s got a very mellow vibe which makes it great to knit along to!

  3. Back to Work // Hosted by Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. One of my favorite shows about life, productivity, learning about yourself, and random tidbits of popular culture, San Francisco, and sometimes comics.

  4. Shop Talk // ALL the frontend development topics. Lots of great and insightful guests and good questions from the audience.

  5. New Tech City // The show is about tech on a high level – how technology affects our everyday lives in a myriad of ways.

  6. Turing Incomplete // A podcast about programming and a lot of geeking out over latest projects, programming and tech books, and other geeky things.

  7. Judge John Hodgman // A show where John Hodgman acts as the judge between two people trying to settle a silly dispute – hilarity ensues.

  8. Roderick on the Line // John Roderick & Merlin Mann discuss history, life, in a random, winding manner. Such a fun listen early in the morning when you’re trying to wake up for work.

  9. Coffee Break French // If you’re like me and are trying to fit in a few minutes here and there to learn some French, Coffee Break French is a great pick. The episodes are about 20 minutes long. There’s a short “letter” someone has written in French and the 2 hosts parse and translate it.

Which podcasts are you listening to? Any of these that have piqued your interest?