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What did you learn yesterday/this week?

I’ve been reading up on Paper JS and D3.js.  It’s for research purposes to work on an interactive tool to design your own granny square blanket (I’m a crafter at heart).   Currently working through tutorials to see which one is right for this project, if they are.  Otherwise, I may write something from scratch or use Ember JS to handle the interactivity.

What’re you working on?

Learning by Teaching

The best way to keep learning is by teaching, right?  I’ll be trying out a little experiment on this blog for the next few weeks.  I will pick a topic relating to the frontend, the backend or general CS concepts.  Instead of regurgitating what is already in reference books/articles, I will give the formal definition as well as my own take on it.  Not sure what that is quite yet but that’s what this space is for!  Stay tuned 🙂