Hand drawn sketch
A sketch of some things that represent me. (by my friend Kat Melen)

About Jen

I am an ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU) alumna who lives in NYC and is currently a UX Engineer contractor at Google.

I've worked in various industries such as academia, advertising, media, and startups. I've worked on large projects spanning several stacks including languages such as PHP, Python, .NET, and some Ruby. I specialize in building websites from scratch or overhauling a university's website (NYU) with small teams. Additionally, I love learning about new technologies and challenging myself with side projects.

If you'd like to learn more about me, follow me on Twitter, see my CV on LinkedIn and code samples on Github, find out how our music tastes correlate on Last.fm, recommend a book on GoodReads, or check out my speaking gigs.

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