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Lot18 & Tasting Room

Full-stack engineer with a front-end focus. I work in a close knit engineering team where I am currently in charge of the front-end development. Maintained Lot18 and built out frontend for TastingRoom's site and evolving features.


  • Role: Full-stack engineer with front-end focus
  • Languages: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, CoffeeScript, Jade, Stylus, Python; Libraries & Frameworks: Flask, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap libraries
  • Features: E-commerce checkout process, account and shipments management, mobile development
  • Client: Lot18
  • Sites: lot18.com and tastingroom.com


When I started at Lot18, I was working in the Lot18 LAMP stack. I sought out features to update and fix from both a UX and an engineering perspective.

I was one of two engineers tasked with building out the front-end architecture for TastingRoom. I was in charge of the e-commerce checkout flow, the account management sections and shipments history view.

Working closely with the design team, we built out a brand new site in under two months. We revamped the entire tech stack and used several languages I had not worked with but was excited about learning.

The new stack consists of Jade templates, Stylus for CSS preprocessing, CoffeeScript for Javascript conciseness while using Twitter's Bootstrap framework as our base.

In addition to this, I taught myself Python and have been involved in working on the backend of the stack to build new features across the stack.



I have learned quite a bit in this project. not only new languages but also working in an agile environment, more effect ways to refactor code, and how to work in a fast paced startup company. And even a few things about wine!