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J& Sleep Sounds Player

The Sleep Sounds player is a music player powered by the jwPlayer library which plays preloaded music playlists designed to induce sleep. It was created for J&J's Tylenol PM customers.



The music player plays back a set of audio files passed in through a JSON feed with playlist data. The player I created has the capability to play songs, fast forward tracks, repeat a song or the selected playlist and has a shuffle mode.


Getting acquainted with jwPlayer and its quirks (at the time, there was an issue toggling between two loaded players) was the initial challenge. The other challenge was reverse engineering the internal custom slider plugin to predict where the slider's position should be depending on the track's position in the visible list window. The most fun challenge was getting all the interactivity right. I also wrote thorough documentation for the client on how to update the player's data feed and other technical details.