Carmel Wilson Photography: Main photo
Carmel Wilson's homepage featuring categories.

Carmel Wilson Photography

A photography portfolio site for Carmel Wilson.


  • Role: Design and Front-End development
  • Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Features: Photo album
  • Client: Carmel Wilson
  • Site:


Carmel Wilson is a photographer who has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as with other high profile clients. This project was a no-frills portfolio site that provides a web presence and a work showcase to be shared with fellow colleagues and potential clients.


The main challenge was to create a minimalist design that balances aesthetic simplicity and usability. The focus of the site is structured around the the work itself. The prominent categories are descriptions of her work.

Using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, I created a clean design with an easy to use interface. Carmel has gotten great feedback from friends and colleagues.