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  • Built interactive prototypes for early-stage Google product to drive UX research studies & influence product direction.
  • As lead prototyper I was in charge of the entire development process from selecting the technologies used to architecting and implementing multiple iterations on the product.
  • Developed in AngularJS, Material Design, and Realtime API in a rapid research cycle.
  • Worked closely with UX & PM teams; participated in research studies and UX brainstorms.


  • Role: UX Engineer
  • Languages: AngularJS, Material Design, Realtime API
  • Features: Realtime collaboration, AngularMaterial aesthetic and functionality
  • Client: Google


Evaluated several JavaScript libraries (AngularJS 1.x vs. 2, Polymer, jQuery). Decided on Angular 1.x since it's pretty robust, there was in-house support, and the more stable version. Worked closely with UX Designer to discuss mocks and worked on prototype before final mocks were handed off.

First prototype was built using AngularJS & Material Design to give users a general sense of the product flow. The next iteration used localStorage (store.js library) for the data layer. The third iteration involved replacing the data layer with the Realtime API handling all data storage and updates.